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Thời gian: 29/08/2011 - 16:58
To boost up the implementation of Haiphong urban upgrading project

On the morning of August 17th, Haiphong City People’s Committee met with a World bank delegation to have a mid-term review on the implementation of Haiphong urban upgrading project. Mr. Dan Duc Hiep, City People’s Committee Standing Deputy Chairman presided over the meeting in the presence of representatives from relevant local agencies and businesses.

As reported by the Project management unit, the works had been progressing well. The land clearance of An Kim Hai canal and Chua Hang street had been completed, and the site had been handed over to the contractors who had finished 85% of their job. The remaining components were mainly roads and pavements. Resettlement task was on schedule. Up to date, 120 households had moved to their new apartments. Other works including real estate management, housing renovation fund, PMU capability enhancement were all ratified by the World bank to be continued. So far, 54% of the IDA fund and 77% of the PHRD loan had been disbursed. Expectedly, the total IDA credit disbursement would be about 05 to 06 million USD by the end of 2011.

The WB representative said that apart from several components under prompt progress, there had been still some works behind schedule such as An Kim Hai canal, sewage pits etc. due to financial incapability of the contractors. In addition, the issues of environmental maintenance and traffic safety did not meet the requirements. The World Bank delegation asked the local relevant authorities to direct the contractors to accelerate the project execution as the planned timetable, and to take proper measures of environmental protection and traffic safety.

The Standing Vice Chairman acknowledged the World Bank’s comments as he pledged to guide the project in conformity with the approved requirements. He clearly said that the local authorities where the works were under construction were on their own responsible for environmental protection, securities, safety and the progress. In particular, administrations at the grassroots level of wards took the foremost responsibilities as they directly enjoyed the project benefits. Accordingly, they should carry out an appropriate management of land without any encroachment and illegal construction.

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