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Thời gian: 29/08/2011 - 16:49
To develop the partnership with Brest in environmental protection and sustainable development

In a meeting on the afternoon of July 14th with a delegation from Brest Urban Community (BMO) - France led by Mr. Michel Morvan, Deputy director in charge of strategy and development on his working visit to Hai Phong, City Committee Party Secretary Nguyen Van Thanh congratulated his French guests on their National day of July 14th and assured that as the City Party Committee Secretary he would do his best to further the bilateral relationship of Haiphong and Brest.

Mr. Michel Morvan shared with the host that including the signed marine environment management project between Hai Phong and Brest, Brest was preparing to carry out the Hai Phong - Ha Long - Bai Tu Long project and hoped to receive additional supports from relevant local agencies.

In addition, Michel Morvan thanked Secretary Nguyen Van Thanh for his great efforts to positively build the diversified and practical cooperation between Brest and Haiphong as the City People’s Committee Chairman. He also hoped that now as the City Committee Party Secretary, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh would continue supporting the Brest partners for further successful bilateral cooperations, especially in the issues of environmental protection and sustainable development.

In his speech, City Party Committee Secretary Nguyen Van Thanh said upon the successful Vietnam - French Decentralization Conference in November 11th 2010, the two cities had discussed several important issues which had been signed. He considered the project to link thee bays in Haiphong and Quangninh as a creative idea that facilitated a good marine management of Vietnam. Haiphong was reviewing and would promptly inform its decision if the city was able to take part in 2012 Brest Sea Festival. Enventually, he kindly asked Mr. Michel Morvan to deliver an invitation to the mayor of Brest for a visit to Hai Phong in the coming time.

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