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Thời gian: 29/08/2011 - 17:26
Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) pledge a total financial support of USD 4.65 mil. to Haiphong city

In 2011, foreign NGOs commited Haiphong city to a total aid of USD 4.65 mil. to finance the implementation of 66 projects and progams, 113% over the year 2010’s figure. The news was published at a conference on non-govermental aids in the period of 2007 - 2010 held on August 2nd 2011 by the City Union of Frienship Organizations, in the presence of City People’s Committee Standing Deputy Chairman Dan Duc Hiep and Head of Central People’s Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) Don Tuan Phong.

The continuous maintenance of foreign non-governmental aids under the principle of “active mobilization” had worked well in more than 180 projects and non-project activities, which cost over USD 19.207 mil. in terms of registered capital for the stage of 2007 - 2010. Of the total amount, USD 15.052 mil. (or VND 310 bil.) had been disbursed. In the year 2010, the NGOs commited to grant an overall aid of about USD 4.1 mil, twice as much as the total of 2009. Up to 2010, Haiphong had developed ties with nearly 100 international agencies and NGOs, including 80 entities with programs and projects under operation. Under the projects and programs, the cooperations between Haiphong and the NGOs had grown optimistcally in both quality and quantity, with an annual growth of commitment value. The sectors of agriculture, forestry, health-care, education and vocational training, culture, sports, environment protection etc. were what the donors interest in. Generally, the aided projects and programs had been working effectively to help alleviate poverty and grow sustainably in accordance with the local socio-economic development orientation.

At the event, medals and certificates of merits from the Central Union of Frienship Organizations and the local authority were awarded to outsanding individuals and agencies in the activities of foreign non-government aid mobilization.

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